Announcing the readiness of Iran and Azerbaijan to develop agricultural cooperation

Announcing the readiness of Iran and Azerbaijan to develop agricultural cooperation


The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture, Kazem Khavazi stated in a joint meeting with the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan that: The President of Iran emphasizes the expansion of economic relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, and we believe that there are many potential economic, and cultural fields of cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan.


Khavazi also added that: These collaborations can include the development of greenhouse crops, the introduction of various cultivars, especially rice and cotton, which are considered by both ministries, also the transfer of embryos and genetic materials, especially cattle and buffalo embryos, breeding measures in the field of cereals, breeding of light and heavy livestock and raising silkworms.

The Minister of Jihad-Agriculture emphasized that: It is also very important for the Iranian government to deal with extraterritorial cultivation, and this issue can be one aspect of the cooperation document between the two countries.


In this meeting, Inam Karimov, the Minister of Agriculture of the Rebilic of Azarbayjan stated: The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, in addition of having common borders, Iran and Azerbaijan are connected to each other through exporting and importing of agricultural products, such as fruits, and vegetables, among others.

Karimov, after rreferring to Iran's experience in silkworm breeding, acknowledged that: In the past, we also got silk cocoons and cream from Iran. The minister of the republic of Azerbaijan also mentioned: Rice cultivation is also one of Azerbaijan's priorities and we are interested in using Iran's experience in this field too.

Source of the news:  Public relations of the Ministry of Jihad-Agriculture

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